Nothing Better Than Sautéed In Butter

Sauteed morels in ramp butter with pasta

It’s the end of morel season and it’s been a very good one for these tasty mushrooms. I won’t take credit for these babies though, my boyfriend gave me these because edible mushrooms > roses. These wild mushrooms don’t need much added, just a little heat and a little butter.

Morels can be found throughout West Virginia and many of forested areas in the region. They pop up around the same time as ramps and pair well together. I recommend using a mushroom knife to harvest them, but any method of removal works for a novice. Make sure to use a mesh bag to carry them so the spores will fall out and continue to make your mushroom spot a good mushroom spot. Once you have them in the house, cut them in half down the center and soak them in salt water. Rinse and repeat a few time until your mushrooms are ready for the pan.

My favorite way to eat morels is simply sauteed in butter, but for a full meal I like to add them to pasta. The favorite mushroom dish this year was morels sauteed in ramp butter and tossed with dischi volanti (flying disk pasta). These shapes were perfect for grabbing some of the smaller mushrooms and making each bite fun and delicious. Don’t worry if dischi volanti aren’t stocked in your local Shop’n’Save–most pastas will work for this meal. Top the dish with freshly grated Parmesan.

Simple but delicious. I am already excited for chanterelle season!

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